Review of the Rathkenny Revels 2017 Show

Revels Return Signals Exciting Times Ahead;

Bringing It All Back Home

Rathkenny Revels have announced that all shows in 2017 will return to the local Community Centre Rathkenny Hall.

Choreographer: Jane Devin; Musical Director: Jacqui McGowan

The group has decided to keep it local this season with some changes but keeping to the old style of top quality music, comedy and dance.

Since 2008, Revels have staged all shows at Solstice Arts Centre Navan and TLT Drogheda for various reasons including expansion in member’s numbers, looking at new lighting and sound techniques, and portraying the talents of this large group on a wider stage to an extended audience across the North East and beyond. The show has attracted much interest in both Navan and Drogheda for its unique style and has gained new audiences in doing so. But for our show in 2017 we have decided to return to our local community centre Rathkenny Hall where it all began. By doing so we will be serving our local communities more and put our profits back into more local needed projects.

We call on all groups including Active Retirement Groups, Nursing Homes, Men Sheds, Walking groups to keep Sunday 2nd April 2017 free and spend it with us in our local community hall. You will be assured of a very warm welcome and be given an afternoon of top class entertainment. We are delighted to report that between us, the hall committee, and the general local community we have had the grounds to our local centre newly tarmacked giving easy and safe access to all users. Doing these upgrades are helping to make this hall an enjoyable and safe place to visit and be in. And we wish to extend a thank you to all involved in this project and in future projects. Join Rathkenny Revels in our latest majestic journey of music, song, dance and comedy for simply everybody – looking forward to seeing you there!!