Upcoming Events

Rathkenny Revels Show 2023 – We Are Back!

The excitement is building and we are back in business for 2023. The show will go on! Venue: Rathkenny Village Hall. Show Dates: Wednesday 29th March, Thursday 30th March, Friday 31st March (all evening shows @7.30p.m). Then Sunday 2nd April, Matinee at 3p.m. and final evening show on Sunday 2nd April @ 7.30p.m.

The Rathkenny Festival of Music 2019

The Rathkenny Festival of Music was held in Rathkenny Church on 15th December and was a great success, with choirs, groups and solo acts performing on the night, which was a fundraising event for Rathkenny Church restoration. This concert was a joint initiative between Rathkenny Revels and Rathkenny Church Restoration Committee.

For any further enquiries Email:rrevels2014@gmail.com